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The Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

House cleaning is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to moving out of the property. The whole process of moving out with all of your luggage and valuables and leaving your old home is as overwhelming as it sounds, especially if you have a damage deposit on the line.

To give you an easy way around the cleaning we have created an elaborate checklist, so after you are done packing and wrapping up the space, you can use this checklist for your cleaning needs easily.

What Does Move-Out Cleaning Consist Of?

Move out is you leaving the property, it is important to know what needs to be cleaned before you leave as different property agreements have different levels of cleanliness that need to be met. But overall, move-out cleaning deeply cleans the rooms and surfaces for a clean outlook. Sometimes it requires professional expertise and heavy equipment and sometimes it is done domestically just without that.

Step 1: Cleaning Bedrooms

The best way to approach this would be to start cleaning your property from the top and then to the bottom. This means starting with rooms that are on the top floors first and then tackling the ground floor.


  • All surfaces to be dusted
  • Cupboards interiors and exteriors should be cleaned
  • Any marks on the walls and the baseboards should be wiped clean
  • Mirrors wiped and cleaned
  • Door frames, knobs, and doors wiped down
  • Table surfaces, side tables, wiped and dusted
  • Window sills for the interior windows to be cleaned and wiped
  • Light switches wiped
  • Trash emptied
  • New garbage linens inserted
  • Hard floors mopped and vacuumed
  • Rugs and carpets vacuumed

Step 2: Cleaning Bathrooms

Cleaning bathrooms when they are empty is much easier as there are not many toiletries disrupting the ways. This entails that you can completely wash the bathroom with water and detergents.


  • Shower walls, bathtubs, and cabin areas cleaned and sanitized
  • Sink brushed cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilet cleaned thoroughly from inside and outside and sanitized
  • Mirrors wiped and cleaned
  • Cabinets interiors and exteriors cleaned
  • Countertops wiped
  • All surfaces dusted
  • Window tracks and sills cleaned
  • Doors, door frames, and knobs cleaned
  • Any switches wiped and cleaned
  • Dustbins emptied
  • New linens inserted
  • Stubborn marks taken off using tools and cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and washed

Step 3: Cleaning Kitchens

Cleaning kitchens can be a little tricky as there are stubborn oil marks on the stoves and inside the ovens. There can also be splatters of oil and food resulting in strong smells. It would be best to apply the cleaning solutions and leave it for a while for the tough stains to soften up.


  • Appliances cleaned from the inside and the outside- like stovetop, fridge, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers
  • Small appliances wiped like toasters, coffee makers and microwaves
  • Shelves and tops wiped
  • Cabinets interiors and exteriors cleaned
  • Dishes washed
  • Surfaces dusted
  • Sinks washed and cleaned
  • Window tracks and sills cleaned
  • Doors, doorframes, and knobs cleaned and wiped
  • Light switches cleaned
  • Marks on tiles scraped and cleaned
  • Garbage emptied and bins cleaned
  • Floor mopped and vacuumed

Step 4: Cleaning Living Areas

It is essential to clean all the common and living areas this consists of the hallways, corridors, stairs, and lounges. Thoroughly clean and look for the marks behind furniture etc. and clean.


  • Mirror and glass windows cleaned
  • Window tracks and sills cleaned
  • Door, door frames and knobs cleaned
  • Light switches wiped and cleaned
  • Marks and stains on walls cleaned
  • Hard surfaces dusted, wiped and cleaned
  • Carpet and rugs vacuumed
  • Cabinets selves cleaned and wiped
  • Bins emptied
  • Tables, chairs sofas cleaned
  • Legs of tables and chairs also cleaned

Tools Required for Cleaning

For proper and organized cleaning, it is best to have your tools and cleaning supplies in an organized manner. Not only that but one should also plan accordingly how to tackle and which spaces to do first and last. Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies and the products you will use for cleaning beforehand to save time and simplify the process.  

Some of the tools consist of vacuum cleaners, spray for windows and mirrors, and a strong powder or liquid for tough surfaces. As well as detergents for the floors and a floor cleaner. Along with microfiber cleaning cloths as they pick up the tiniest particles of dust from the surfaces it is good to have more supply of them. 

Scrubbing brushes for sinks, toilets, and shower cabins. Some garbage bags and liners for the dustbins of all different sizes. Protective gear like gloves. Moreover, if you want to get you can get a house cleaning kit as it consists of all the basic cleaning essentials.

As you will be doing thorough cleaning using different chemicals it is best to gear yourself with protective equipment as well as use environmentally friendly products so they do not cause you any health problems. Invest in some natural cleaners as they will also do the job well.

If Not DIY then Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

As moving out is a hassle and stocking up on these products can be a lot for some. You can hire professionals who will help you tick all the boxes for your cleaning checklist. To get your move-out done promptly and ensure that you get a slot for yourself book in advance. As they are experts in the field they know how to responsibly handle and be efficient with all the cleaning services, assuring quality results.


As moving out is stressful and overwhelming it sometimes becomes hard to remember what things to clean on the property, so it is best to make a checklist in order to make sure that the job is done accordingly, efficiently, and sufficiently. If you think that you cannot do the cleaning on your own then your best option would be to hire a professional move-out cleaning company as they are competent in the field as well as have a good know-how on how to clean the surfaces and all the areas and they will make this process simple for you.

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