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Deep Cleaning VS Regular House Cleaning: Know the Difference

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You need to hire some professionals to help you with the cleaning at home. But you are confused as they are offering 2 different services a deep clean and a regular clean. Don’t worry, we will discuss each of these in detail, like when to get each of these, the costs, and what’s included. After reading this article, you will be able to decide which cleaning service to go for. So, let’s dive into it and start exploring deep cleaning vs regular cleaning. 

Regular Cleaning

When Do You Need Regular Cleaning?

It includes everything that you would have done regularly and more but with a touch of professionalism. Don’t fall for the name. Just because it says it’s regular doesn’t mean that the company will charge you just for some whipping and moping. After all, it will be performed by professionals who are equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Most of the companies have a detailed checklist of what’s included in their services. We recommend to ask them about what they are offering. But in general, it includes the following:

  • Mopping with high-quality detergents and disinfectants.
  • Sanitization of all the points of contact.
  • Relining and cleaning of the trash bins.
  • Cleaning all the appliances with compatible cleaning liquids.
  • Cleaning the tiles and removing the apparent dust and grease from them.
  •  Scrubbing the sink and any other surface that needs scrubbing.
  • Dusting the fans, exhaust fans, and any other visible ventilation shafts or fans.
  • Dusting and vacuuming the furniture.

These are general services offered by most of the companies but these depend on what the contractor is offering and what are their charges.

Pricing and Time Duration

Regular cleaning is way cheaper than other cleaning services that are focused on detailed services. Also, getting them regularly will keep you away from getting those expensive thorough cleaning services. The prices vary from location to location and from company to company. Also, there’s not a fixed standard for what’s included and what should be the prices. Some companies also offer subcategories that are designed to cater to different customers and their requirements. Overall, these services are designed and priced to be effective and relatively affordable. These are usually performed within a day and in some cases in some hours. If a place is very dirty, then it can take a company up to 2 days. But in that case, we recommend going towards higher services, which we are going to discuss below. 

Deep Cleaning

When Do You Need It?

For maximum hygiene, experts recommend getting it once or twice a year. It is also referred to as seasonal cleaning. You will require a deep clean if you haven’t cleaned your home for months. Other than that, you will need it when shifting into your new home, before renting out or selling your home, and hosting an event or a party. Whatever, the reason may be, you need to know that deep cleaning is all about attention to detail and reaching areas where a homeowner can’t reach

What's Included in Deep Cleaning

Usually, the tasks performed are similar but are performed with detail. For example, where a simple service includes dusting the furniture, a detailed service will include removing the furniture to clean from underneath. These are some of the few things that are included in detailed cleaning.

  • Removing appliances to clean the areas that are not accessible in everyday life.
  • Cleaning all the crevices around the house, including furniture, walls, decorations, wooden sculptures, and more. 
  • Thoroughly vacuuming below the carpet and carpet surfaces.
  • Rigorously scrubbing the sinks and other equipment that is at risk of getting rust. 
  • Removing stubborn stains from walls and tiles.
  • Using a ladder to clean the upper sides of fans, bulbs, lights, and other appliances that cannot be accessed without a ladder. 
  • Removing any spider webs in the corners or areas which are usually hidden.
  • Cleaning and scrubbing the stairs and the railings. 
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of bathroom, including toilet, sink, and floor.
  • Removing grime from tiles.

Pricing and Timing of Detailed Cleaning

A detailed service will be more expensive because of the time and effort it takes for the whole process. The pricing depends on what the company offers, what type of equipment and cleaning products the company will use, and most importantly what is the current condition of your home. 

As it’s a detailed service, it will require more time. Oftentimes, companies don’t provide a strict deadline as it can result in lower quality cleaning. Most companies offer flexible timing in case it requires more time. We suggest talking to your company about your availability and making sure that you don’t compromise the quality even if takes a little more time.


Now that you know the difference between deep house cleaning and a normal one, you should be able to make a decision for yourself. Another thing that we recommend is to always get services from a certified and insured company. The company you hire will be sending in people to your home who can unintentionally damage your belongings. Getting insured services is always worth it even if they are a bit more expensive. The last suggestion would be to ask different companies about the equipment that they will be using. The better equipment a company has the better quality of cleaning they will be able to offer.

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