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How to Clean a Bedroom Like a Pro: 10 Easy Steps

Bedroom Cleaning

A messy bedroom just does not give a dirty outlook but lessens one’s productivity, adding to the stress as it becomes hard to find your goods which then results in anxiety. An organized sleeping space will help you relax comfortably and keep you at ease.  

Organize your bedroom with our step-by-step checklist so you can have a nice and calm space just within minutes, by taking into consideration a few housekeeping tips and tricks.

The key to bedroom cleaning responsibly and quickly is knowing about which tasks to tackle first so you do not keep on running around the house over and over again to grab the supplies for cleaning.

Step 1: Empty Out the Trash

Start with one of the simplest steps which is to take the trash out. Take away all the unnecessary junk, bottles, plates, tags, or wrappers if you have any. If you have a dustbin already take out the trash from it and insert new garbage in it. But if you don’t have one, then first things first- you need to get one!  Along with that keep some extra bin liners so when one fills up you don’t throw trash around the room rather use the new bag to throw the trash out.

Step 2: Pick Up Laundry

Pick up the clothes tidy or untidy and put them in a laundry basket, so you can easily walk and see the floor again. A laundry basket placed in the bathroom would be the go-to choice but if you think your room is more used for changing clothes, then a laundry basket in your closet would be essential. It will help you throw away any clothes that need to be washed instantly and everything will look organized as you will know which clothes need to be washed and which do not.

Step 3: Fold and Organize the Tidy Clothes

While you already are dealing with the clothes business. It would be best if you fold and neatly pile up your clothes from the different corners of the room or the closet so they do not fall out and you have sufficient space to put in new clothes in an organized manner. Also, hang the clothes on the hanger that need to and everything that needs to be folded and place it in the drawers responsibly.

Step 4: Remove Your Bed Sheets and Comforters

It is essential to get your bedsheets washed and cleaned regularly. Take the bedsheets off and give your mattress air for a while. Remove all the pillowcases, comforters, mattress protectors, duvet, and wash. Wash all your bed linens and it would be good to have another set of sheets so you can change as it will uplift the room’s look.

Step 5: Declutter

This is an essential step to receiving a tidy look. Declutter all the surfaces, remove and give out all the unnecessary things in the room for a spacious-looking room, and be able to store more useful goods in your spaces if needed. This also involves picking up items from spaces like side tables and dressing tables as these surfaces tend to have things that do not belong there. Pick up the things that you feel do not belong and put them in places where they are meant to be.

Step 6: Start Dusting and Wiping

Now that you have placed things where they belong, clean and wipe the surfaces. Use a wet cloth or a microfiber dusting cloth or whatever that suits your surfaces the best like sprays or antibacterial wipes, and wipe away the dust from the tables, and lamps. Not only that but also pay attention to the legs of the tables and the chairs. Any fabric you see dust it off using the cloth, as the dust accumulates and changes the color. Thoroughly dust it clean. 

Step 7: Wipe and Dust Higher and Further Items Too

As you are deep cleaning it would be best to clean the light fixtures, hanging decorations, fans, top of the cabinets, and curtains too. All these things collect dust and then the dust flies down with the air and wind. Especially fans need to be cleaned as the blades and the tops collect a lot of dust over time. Get on a ladder or a chair and use a fluffy duster to wipe the dust off such surfaces.

Step 8: Windows and Mirror Need to be Spot-Free Too

After you are done dusting the fluffy dirt from all the surfaces. Now it is time to clean your windows and mirrors. Let yourself have a clear view of the outdoors and your face, with the help of using glass and window sprays to wipe down the dirt, watermarks, hand prints, pet saliva, or any stuck material.

Step 9: Vacuum or mop

To make your bedroom spotless it is essential to clean the floor. If you have hardwood floors, it would be best to sweep it. But first pick up the tiny bits and pieces of dust from the floor, either by using a broom or a vacuum. Or if you have any floor decoration pieces pick them up, empty the area, and sweep using a wet or dry cloth whatever suits you. If you have a carpeted floor follow the same steps minus the sweep and mopping just use the vacuum and pick up the dust for a clean outlook.

Step 10: Make the Bed

Is there anything better than sleeping on clean sheets? Now that your sheets are washed it is best to iron them for a crease-free and tidy look and place them on the bed accordingly. Insert your pillows back into the covers, along with your duvets. Set your bed nicely and enjoy!

Let's wrap up!

We have established that a clean bedroom has an impact on the outlook as well as one’s peace of mind. Cleaning a bedroom is easy and simple if it is done in an organized and step-by-step manner. All the cleaning supplies should be brought out and stocked up to ensure the cleaning will be done accordingly. Moreover, bedroom cleaning supplies are very basic and easy to use as they just consist of normal cloths, detergents, and sprays for windows. Overall, to keep the chaos out, use this guide for your bedroom cleaning.

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